The Magic of Topical Magnesium + CBD is Changing Lives!


Strengthen your health and wellness with topical magnesium

I believe that the body is an incredibly complex machine, capable of many amazing feats, one of which is the ability to heal itself when given the right elements: topical Magnesium + CBD.

While we understand that prescription medications are sometimes necessary, we also know that many contain harmful side effects that can burden the body.

By strengthening our bodies with whole, natural elements; women and men around the world can lead much healthier, vibrant lifestyles.  This is why Dope Minerals was created.

— Gina

My Dope Story

In 2014, pregnant with my second child, I was eager to find a way to support my family financially while still being home to enjoy time with my newborn.   In addition to that stress, this pregnancy was causing me so many issues: migraines, restless legs, muscle pain, sleep issues, anxiety and fatigue. I was a hot mess!  Doctors wanted to prescribe medications that had a whole laundry list of side effects and risks to my unborn child.  I needed a better way.  As fate would have it, an acupuncturist urged that I try topical magnesium.  I had taken magnesium supplements before with no relief and was skeptical that the topical treatment would help.

Using topical magnesium during pregnancy

My symptoms dramatically improved after just one use!  My leg cramps were gone, I was sleeping, my migraines faded, my anxiety diminished, my mood calmed and my back pain improved. Amazed at what magnesium was doing for me, I knew that others desperately needed this critical mineral in their life.   I began reading and learning everything I could about this magic mineral and developed a cream that would help people get more magnesium into their system.  Friends and family were amazed at the results they were getting – no more pains, cramps and headaches.  I wanted to help more people feel better and thrive.  That’s when I created Kiss My Bath Essentials, a company dedicated to improving people’s well-being through topical magnesium.




Topical Magnesium for PainThe response was incredible and I was blessed to grow very quickly.  I knew however, that if I was going to impact more lives with magnesium, and live my dream of healing people all over the world; I’d need to get this business out of my kitchen.

That’s when a local manufacturer was found and she was able to replicate my formula without having to add any chemicals or synthetics to it. I had always wanted to include full spectrum CBD, knowing how beneficial this plant can be to our health, so that is exactly what I did and Dope Minerals was born.

Thank you for trusting me with your magnesium, and now CBD, products. I am grateful to be able to help people get more magnesium into their lives and allow them to live their best life, because Magnesium is LIFE!

— Gina

Check out the amazing way to easily get more magnesium in to your life with Dope Minerals.  Topical magnesium is easy to use and easily absorbed by the body. #GotMagnesium