8 Important Reasons Why Dope Minerals is the Safest and Most Effective Choice for Your Magnesium + Hemp Needs


If you’ve been told to try Hemp or Magnesium, or have tried either before without the expected results…Then it’s time to experience the Dope Minerals difference.
Here’s why:

1. The Ideal Way to Absorb Magnesium & Hemp is Through the Skin

Dope Minerals products are all meant to be used topically.  One of the easiest, safest and most effective ways to get more magnesium (and hemp) into your body is through the skin.  It bypasses the digestive system for absorption directly to the cells; making it incredibly bioavailable and fast-acting. This means that you don’t have to wait for the ingredients to be digested, absorbed into the bloodstream and begin working.
Additionally, using our unique topical formulation makes it easy for the elderly as well as children and people with compromised digestion (leaky gut) to get magnesium & Hemp into the body.  There’s no messy tinctures or hard-to-swallow pills involved and no pesky side-effects like upset stomach or diarrhea.
“I had a complete hip replacement and the pain wouldn’t go away for 4 months. I bought this product and started using it daily. The pain was gone within the first week. I’m doing squats and working out daily and feel great. It has been 2 months. I still use the product daily and recommend it to anyone with pain..”
-Aileen Z.

2. 100% Natural/Completely Safe

The problem with most Hemp and Magnesium products is that despite taking them for the wellness benefits, most of these products are made with toxic ingredients that could cause more problems than they solve.
Dope Minerals formulations are completely natural and made with organic ingredients.

3. Derived from 100% Pure Ingredients

Unlike other brands, our hemp is sourced in Washington State from a vertically integrated company.  That means that they farm and process their hemp all under one roof.  Many hemp companies source their hemp from all over the country (and world!) leading to compromised, inconsistent hemp.  Furthermore, our hemp processor completes rigorous 3rd party testing and then we go one step further and independently test the hemp ourselves ensuring the highest quality, most pure hemp goes into our products.
Our pure, unadulterated magnesium chloride is harvested from the ancient Zechstein Seabed, approximately 2 miles beneath the surface of the earth.  It is free from contaminants such as Mercury, Lead, Arsenic and Fluoride.

4. Tested for All Impurities

Our hemp is independently batch tested by 3rd party labs For Heavy Metals, VOC’S, Pesticides, Herbicides, Microbes, Terpenes & Cannabinoids.
All of our Magnesium + Hemp Creams are labeled with a QR Code that takes you directly to our latest independent hemp testing reports.

“This body cream is absolutely amazing! Both my husband and myself suffer from significant joint pain and lower back pain. We tried taking vitamin supplements but they just didn’t work. Then I tried magnesium infused body cream and was amazed by how quickly it worked! The pain literally just disappeared! ”
-Sandra F.

5. Healthy, Even for the Highly Sensitive

We keep our ingredient list uncomplicated and simple.  You’ll notice there are no hydrogenated oils, alcohols, corn, soy or gluten in our products so you can feel confident that you’re getting the most pure, clean creams on the market today.  We don’t “fluff up” our products with unnecessary, exotic ingredients to make us look fancy.  We know what works and we know what doesn’t work which is how we created the most effective, unique topical way of getting more magnesium + hemp in your life.

6. Faster Absorption, Means You Get the Right Results

Magnesium + Hemp used topically (on the skin) is a powerful tool in your journey towards wellness and vibrant living.  Dope Minerals’ exceptional form of concentrated magnesium chloride and full-spectrum hemp oil provides superior absorbability for near immediate results.
One of the most effective ways to get more magnesium and hemp into the body is through the skin. We are able to absorb it faster when we bypass the GI tract. Even better, Dope Minerals provides targeted therapy and relief because it can be applied to specific areas of the body to get results often instantly.  This means that more magnesium and hemp gets to where it needs to go, when you need it there.

Topical Therapy = Optimal Results

7. Full Spectrum Hemp, That Means Something Important

Full Spectrum hemp oil, unlike hemp isolate products, includes a variety of cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, not just CBD.  Full spectrum hemp also contains a wide-range of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids, and fiber that is not present in hemp isolate.
In addition, the full spectrum hemp oil that you use should be grown organically without pesticides with the purest nutrients or the benefits you will receive from it won’t be nearly as powerful.
That’s why we use only pure, verified full-spectrum hemp grown organically in the USA.  We take hemp Seriously.
“I was introduced to Dope Minerals after having foot surgery. The cream helped me with my pain management. I have incorporated it into my daily self care routine, and is particularly helpful after my PT appts and workouts, or after long physical days at work. I try to avoid chemicals an artificial products/gluten and corn. This product meets all of my requirements. I love this product! ”
-Donna A.

8. A Company You Can Feel Good About

Dope Minerals was started by a mom on a mission to help more people feel better and thrive through the magic of magnesium.  She began using magnesium topically to address health issues she was suffering from during her 2nd pregnancy.  In her small kitchen, she would whip up batches of magnesium infused creams and, through lots of trial and error, she nailed down the formula which would one day become Dope Minerals Magnesium + Hemp Cream.
Dope Minerals is proud to be a woman and minority owned company focused on improving people’s well-being through natural and organic therapies.
CBD Oil for health, Got Magnesium?

Ask Any Question

Big or Small

Powerful Ingredients:

CBD Rich Hemp – Full Spectrum hemp has been used for a wide variety of health issues.  The incredible characteristics found in the hemp plant have some of the most effective benefits found in nature.

Magnesium Chloride – This bioavailable mineral is responsible for over 300 chemical reactions in the body!  Topical magnesium is safe, effective and easily absorbed.

Shea Butter – Incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for the skin, shea butter is full of concentrated natural vitamins and fatty acids.

*Other Ingredients – Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Mango Butter & Therapeutic Essential Oils (if scented).




Why is Dope Minerals the best?

Dope Minerals created a revolutionary cream that is infused with Magnesium and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.  We are pioneers in therapeutic skincare and the first to infuse Topical Magnesium and Full Spectrum Hemp in to one incredibly powerful cream.  One of the easiest, safest and most effective ways to get more magnesium (and hemp) into your body is through the skin. Dope Minerals is proud to be vegan, 100% natural and made with pure, organic ingredients.


Will it Show on a Drug Test?

Dope Minerals’ hemp products contain .1% THC, which is well below the federal legal limit.  While we have never had a customer complain that they failed a drug test, Dope Minerals holds no liability if that were to happen. If this is a major concern for you then we suggest using our Magnesium-only formulas.
How Long Does a Jar last?
A little bit really does go a long way with our creams.  Everyone’s body and needs are different however, on average, a 4oz jar will last a person several months or more depending on the user.
How Much Magnesium and Hemp are in your Creams?
Each jar of cream contains 100 mg of hemp per ounce.  Therefore, our 2 oz jar contains 200 mg hemp and our 4 oz jar contains 400 mg hemp.
In addition, each jar contains 2000 mg of magnesium per ounce.  Therefore, our 4 oz jar contains 8000 mg of magnesium and our 9 oz jar contains 18000 mg of magnesium.

Why are so many health professionals and wellness experts recommending Dope Minerals?

Let’s be clear: we are not a pharmaceutical drug company and cannot make any health claims about our products. This is understandable as it protects you from companies that exaggerate their product’s benefits.  Please be sure to talk to your health practitioner if you plan on making any changes involving hemp or magnesium to your prescription medications, diet, or lifestyle.
We strongly recommend that you do your own research and find credible sources, such as health practitioners educated in hemp and magnesium, and talk to those who use both in order to come up with your own expectations.
This is what Dope Minerals’ customers have to say:
[Dope Minerals doesn’t make any claims that you will experience the same results or that our products prevent or cure any disease]
“This product has helped my life and health in so many ways I’m very thankful!!”
-Ashley C.
“This cream gets me through! Whether it is back pain, neck pain, or knee pain, this cream helps muscles relax so I can get the rest I need. Magnesium has made such a difference in my life!”
-Christine B.
“Dope Minerals is a family favorite! My kids wont go to sleep at night without me rubbing the lavender on their back! We love all of the products we have tried!”
-Lisa P.
“This stuff is amazing. Changed my life. Tension headaches gone, neck and back pain gone. And it calms me throughout day and keeps me very even.”
-Louis M.
“I am in love with this product. I ordered it for my husband and tried it on the bottom of my feet for better rest. WOW, I slept like a baby. Its become apart of my nightly peace.”
-Dawn H.
“This stuff is fantastic – great for easing into sleep and when I have a migraines.”
-Pamela H.
“My 78 year old mom LOVES your products! She loves that she can use it and no one knows that she wearing it because it doesn’t have a strong medicine like scent. This cream saved her when she had 8 plus hour days, it would last all day and she felt relief immediately. She just told me she will let me know when she’s running low so I can repurchase this for her. She doesn’t want to be without it and honestly I don’t blame her. I apply it to my feet EVERY evening before bed. THANK YOU!”
-Kim B.
“I love the peppermint for the soothing my muscles. My daughter uses it for her cramps !! It helps her tremendously.”
-Regina B.
“I have more than 1 condition that causes me discomfort. I have put my pills away and just using the cream!”
-Diana F.
“Magnesium cream has been a god-send! It relieves my breast cancer surgery pain like nothing else I’ve tried. So thankful I’ve found this product”
-Carmen R.
“I am unable to get surgery for a torn meniscus at the moment due to finances. Your cream has been my saving grace I’m amazed at the results! I’m no longer in pain. Thank you”
-Laura L.