How to use our Magnesium Infused Creams

What is Magnesium used for?

Magnesium is traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, and anti-anxiety benefits.  This minerals can also positively affect your mood, sleep, stress response, immune system, and so much more.

Why use Magnesium on your skin (transdermal absorption)?

Magnesium is a vital mineral and is welcomed and actively absorbed by skin cells.  Documented research shows a very significant increase in the cellular levels of magnesium for those who use it topically.  The beauty of using magnesium on your skin is that you bypass the digestive system.  This is particularly helpful for those who suffer from compromised digestion and bowel issues.  Additionally, topical magnesium provides an alternative to swallowing pills several times per day which benefits those who have difficulty swallowing medicine such as children and the elderly.  Topical magnesium is especially effective against pain and can be applied directly to problem areas with immediate results, rather than waiting for it to work its way through your GI tract.

Topical magnesium is safe, convenient, affordable and effective.

How do I use Magnesium cream?

Dope Minerals Magnesium cream can be used several times per day.  Many people find relief by massaging the cream into aching and cramping muscles when they feel pain.  Others massage the cream onto their legs in the evening when their legs feel restless.  Customers also rub the cream on the bottom of their children’s feet when they have difficulty sleeping.  It can be used on the back of the neck and shoulders to relieve tension associated with headaches and stress.

Magnesium cream should not be used on freshly shaven skin as it may cause itching and discomfort.  Additionally, avoid using the cream on cuts, scapes or open wounds.


Dope Minerals CBD Products

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most prevalent cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It’s been used medicinally throughout history for literally hundreds of years. Unfortunately, CBD has long been ignored as researchers have concentrated on THC, the mind-altering component of the cannabis plant.

Research shows that CBD can greatly reduce inflammation and pain as well as decrease anxiety and stress.  It’s also been used effectively to diminish topical ailments such as psoriasis, acne and eczema.

CBD oil is non-intoxicating, has almost no side effects, and is virtually impossible to lethally overdose.

Where does Dope Minerals CBD oil come from?

Dope Minerals CBD oil is made from CBD rich hemp flowers grown on US soil and not overseas.  Dope Minerals CBD rich oil is comprised of CO2 derived hemp extract.  It is pesticide, herbicide and solvent free.  Testing practices are critical to being able to ensure a safe and consistent product. Dope Minerals CBD oil is regularly third-party tested for Heavy Metals and Pesticides.

Is the CBD oil a full spectrum or isolate?

Dope Minerals CBD is a full spectrum, food grade, CO2 extract.  Full Spectrum oils include all of the cannabinoids found in hemp, not just CBD.  Dope Minerals believes that using full plant based medicine vs isolate offers broader health benefits.

Is CBD oil intoxicating?

No.  Using our CBD infused skincare products will not make you feel stoned or high.

Will this show up on a drug test?

There is a possibility for a false positive on a drug test if you use CBD products. Dope Minerals holds no liability if that were to happen. If this is a major concern for you then we suggest using our Magnesium-only formulas.

Can I travel with Dope Minerals CBD infused products?

Domestically, yes.


General Information

Is everything that you make truly natural?

Yes! We use the finest 100% natural ingredients we can find. This includes herbs, butters, salts, and natural oils.

Do you test on animals?

No way!!  We love animals, and it is very important for us to stay cruelty-free.

Are your products Vegan-friendly?

Absolutely!  We do not use any animal-based ingredients in any of our products.

Do your products contain gluten?

None of our products contain gluten or gluten-derived ingredients.

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy? 

All of our products should be safe to use, but we do recommend that you consult your physician to be sure these products align with your pregnancy plan and your individual health history.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Since our products are truly 100% natural and we do not use any synthetic preservatives at all, they have a shelf life of 12 months. To ensure freshness please keep them out of direct sunlight and at room temperature or below. In the rare case that you purchase one of our products and find that it is not at its freshest point, please email us so we can handle this on a case-by-case basis. Please email

Are your products made in the U.S.?

Yes, all of our products are made in our small production facility in sunny Florida.

How can I find more information about Dope Minerals’ products?

Visit our blog or products to see product specific information and scroll to the bottom of each product to read customer reviews.



How can I update my order?

Please email us at as soon as possible if you would like to cancel or change your order. We’ll do our best to process your request.

How can I check the status of my order?

When your order ships we’ll send you a tracking number so you can keep an eye on delivery.

What is the best way to place a larger order?

Great! We can’t wait to put together a larger order for you! If your order is over 10 Dope Minerals products, please email us at


When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged as soon as your order is accepted and processed.



Where do you ship?

Currently within the United States.

What are the shipping options?

First class USPS 3-5 business days in the United States. All packages ship from our Florida HQ.

2 Day Priority USPS – please note USPS does not guarantee 2 day. We are not responsible for 2 day priority packages that do not arrive in 2 days.

If you need a faster shipping option, please contact .

When will my order ship?

After placing your order, processing takes up to 3 business days. As soon as it ships you’ll receive a shipment notification email with a tracking number.

Orders placed over the weekend will not ship until the following week.  We ship all orders via USPS.

I am having problems with tracking my order.

Email us at, including your order number and tracking number if possible.

How can I edit my shipping address?

If your order is shipping to an incorrect address, please email as soon as possible.

What if my order is marked delivered but is nowhere to be found?

If your order has been marked as DELIVERED by USPS and is nowhere to be found, please email as soon as possible.

Does the cream still work if it’s melted?

Our goal is to create the best natural, healing and nourishing products possible, therefore we formulate our products without synthetic stabilizers or waxes.

Our whipped body creams are made with natural oils and butters and when applied to our warm skin, they instantly melt, providing an emollient, nourishing and penetrating product.  However, these delicate, natural products are sensitive to temperature changes.

During very warm weather, some products may soften or even melt during their travels or after their arrival while sitting outside on your warm porch or mailbox. Since melting is a natural reaction to heat and we have no control over the conditions during transit or delivery, please understand that we cannot be responsible for melted products.  Thankfully, the quality and healing properties of our products are not affected by melting.

What can I do if my cream has melted?

Place your cream in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to help it harden. The melting will not affect the quality of the whipped butter, but the whipped consistency will change.

  • Whipping adds tiny air bubbles (just like whipping cream) that increase the size and changes the cream’s texture, making it light and fluffy.
  • If a whipped product melts, the air bubbles are collapsed, so the volume is decreased.  Although the jar was filled to the top when shipped, if the butter melts, there will be less volume in the container. The container may actually look half full.  Rest assured that this does not effect the cream’s therapeutic properties.

What are we doing to prevent melting?

While we have no control over the temperature conditions once your package leaves our shop, we do our best to protect our products from melting in transit.

  • We check every product before it is packed for shipping
  • We use more protective packaging in the peak heat of summer
  • Our cream is in glass jars with tight lids to help prevent leakage
  • We wrap our products in bubble wrap to add another layer of insulation
  • We send tracking emails to notify you when your product arrives so it does not sit on your doorstep/mailbox

As a result, most products shipped in warm weather arrive without melting. But please understand, there is no way that we can ship products to completely control for the high heat temperatures of summer, trucks, and mailboxes.


Returns & Exchanges

What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns or refunds on orders at this time, however if your item arrives damaged or incorrect, please contact us below immediately at

What should I do if I received the wrong product?

If your order is incorrect, please contact us below immediately at


Wholesale Program

Can I sell Dope Minerals products in my store or on my website?

If you are interested in wholesaling Dope Minerals’ amazing products, please contact us for more information.

Blogger/Influencer Program

Are you a Blogger or Social Media Influencer and love our products?

Please contact us to learn about our rewarding Influencer Program!


Whom should I contact about press inquiries?

Please contact us at

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