New Year’s Resolution: Sleep Better, Feel Better, Be More Energized With Magnesium

This is the time of year where everyone begins setting their resolutions for a fantastic, healthful and prosperous future.   Is 2019 going to be the year of success, health and prosperity for you?  Here’s why you should be using magnesium, and the benefits of magnesium. The first week of the year is filled with exciting energy, incredible optimism and willpower, yet only 9.2% of people actually ever achieve their new year’s resolutions. By the time February rolls around, most people have fizzled out of their determination and self-control and given up on resolutions all together.

So this year, let’s resolve to make an un-resolution.


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Instead of setting unrealistic expectations and too many impractical goals, let’s concentrate on something we can do: change one unhealthy habit. Focusing all of our energy on just one habit is not only more practical, it’s also much more achievable. That one small change in your daily routine can yield amazing results in your whole life.

Did you know that one little habit could decrease anxiety, soothe sore muscles, decrease bloating, increase energy AND improve productivity.

Sound too good to be true? Increasing your magnesium levels can yield all of these incredible benefits (plus so much more!), making it much easier to meet your 2019 goals.


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Magnesium is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels, blood pressure and muscle nerve function according to the National Institute of Health yet, as many as 68% of Americans don’t get enough magnesium. Because of this, there are record amounts of people suffering from migraines, anxiety, muscle cramps, high blood pressure and insomnia. It can be awful hard to reach your 2019 New Year’s resolutions when you’re suffering so much.

Furthermore, increasing magnesium can help support new life changes such as beginning an exercise regime. Atlanta physician, Dr. Gandhi says, “”With exertion and excess sweating, you naturally lose electrolytes. Magnesium is a common mineral that is lost with sweat, causing cramping as a side effect. Magnesium is great for helping to alleviate sore, fatigued muscles.” He goes on to say that “can help balance blood glucose levels and decrease bloating by promoting healthy elimination and natural detoxing.”

This year, instead of making several resolutions, falling short and giving up on our 2019 goals, let’s change just one habit. Increase your magnesium levels and reap a world of life changing benefits.


Cheers to a wonderful 2019!

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